Cooling Towers


Large, field-erected Cooling Towers

CCSolutions is a market leader in the engineering, design and manufacture of large, field erected cooling towers. Their patented materials and process allow them to span up to 14 feet with columns. This provides greater access for cleaning, and less air restriction. Their FRP components use NO FILLERS, which makes them 200% stronger than the competition, and more resistant to UV and chemical attack. This patented design also allows for a much shorter construction time. CCS produces the premier cooling tower product that will provides our customers with a superior ROI.

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Small, modular cooling towers

Delta Cooling Towers offers 5 tons through 4000 tons, factory assembled, modular, and corrosion resistant seamless polyethylene cooling towers. CTI Certified with a 20-year shell warranty, and 5-year whole warranty. Delta offers their high density, polyethylene towers in both standard materials and “Anti-Microbial” composition.

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